The filter is placed on the Vita device before the treatment tip is attached. The filter sits above a built-in mesh filter—both protecting the device's motor from collecting any debris pulled from the skin.

Maintain the effectiveness of your Vita device by replacing the filter after each facial treatment. Collects dead skin, debris from your facial treatments, plus it maintains the integrity of Vita’s motor.

User tip: pop in a fresh filter after each treatment so your Vita is ready to go the next time you use it!

Serum Refine


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Auria - Yvonne Auria - Yvonne

Professional results from home.

I'm so pleased by the way the treatments help my skin feel smooth, keep breakouts at bay, and give me a beautiful glow!

Yvonne | 37

Auria - Angela Auria - Angela

I love how my skin feels

The Vita Trio gives me noticeably softer skin! I love how my skin feels clean and refreshed after each time I use it. I’ve told all my friends and family about it!

Angela | 23

Auria - rosalina Auria - rosalina

So obsessed!

This treatment is especially amazing for my skin because it is so dry. Coupled with the serums, I have noticed a major difference. I had literal flakes of dry skin that I could peel off before starting these treatments regularly.

rosalina | 44

Auria - jared Auria - jared

Worked great together

Having never really had a skincare routine in the past, I felt like this was a great way to get started using treatments and serums that already worked great together.

jared | 42

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