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Auria - Testimonial

Whitney B.


I noticed a difference in my skin the first time I used the Vita Solo. My skin felt super soft and my face makeup went on so smooth.

Angela R.


The Vita Trio gives me noticeably softer skin! I love how my skin feels clean and refreshed after each time I've used it. I've told all my friends and family about it!

Emily C.


My skin feels amazing! I have been using the Vita Trio (microdermabrasion and toning mostly) and the three serums came with it for almost 4 weeks now. My skin gets so dry in the winter months, and just looks blah. My texture has improved and I look brighter!

Rosina C.


At home facial devices make me nervous, like I am going to hurt my skin. The Vita was so easy to use, and I experienced immediate smoothing results. I’ve been using the Renew serum daily and love how it’s moisturizing my dry winter skin. Excited with me new facial routine, done by me!

Erin D.


Not sure if I was more satisfied with how my face felt after exfoliation or seeing all of the dead skin in the filter! I'm finding using this tool a couple times a week with the Renew serum is a nice way to treat myself and my skin.

Emma P.


The Auria Trio has saved my skin AND my counter space. I'm so glad to have a powerful tool that does everything I love as part of my self-care ritual.

Liset R.


Auria has forever changed my skincare routine. No more hassle booking a spa appointment, I just added the Vita Trio to my weekly skincare regime and self-care Sundays have never felt better. Plus the Brighten serum has now become a staple in my collection. Glass skin summer here I come