Mane Addicts: Every product our editors loved this April

Press MANE ADDICTS: Every product our editors loved this April


We at Mane Addicts are lucky with the number of hair care and beauty products we have access to. We’re constantly being sent products to try, and because of that, we wanted to share which ones are actually worth trying yourself, which we like to call our VIPs (Very Important Products). Each month, we share the top hair, beauty, and skin products we tried so you know what you should be stocking up on. Scroll below to discover our editors’ product picks for April!

"I think I can safely say I have every so-called important hair tool in the book. From flat irons to curling irons to heated styling brushes (actually, I could use an upgrade on that one), I'm pretty set. But when it comes to skincare, there still feels like so much uncharted territory and so much to keep up with. When I received the Auria Vita Trio, it truly stood out amid the noise. As the name suggests, it's a three-in-one tool—a luxury, at-home facial product designed to offer microdermabrasion, kinetic toning, and pore extraction. I've used multifaceted tools in the past, but this is elevated technology I haven't tried prior. This also comes with recommended serums designed by the brand to coincide best with the different options. It makes a great addition to solo spa nights or chic gifts for skincare lovers in your life." - Ashley Locke, Mane Addicts 

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